Link Building: 4 Strategies for Boosting Rankings

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Updates to Google’s search algorithm are released every week. Links build over time cease to work. In 2017, Google made four major updates that affected the way you build links.

My goal in this article is to illustrate to you 5 algorithm-proof advanced link building techniques that you can use this year to attract organic traffic to your website.

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Definition of link building

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In search engine optimization, link building is a process of getting relevant natural links from other websites towards your website. Users navigate between web pages on the Internet by using search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Your website links that aim to generate traffic, increase sales, and brand awareness. SEO success will be ensured as well as brand awareness.

  • Enhance the search engine visibility of your website
  • Extend the brand’s exposure
  • Relationship building with customers
  • Increase website traffic
  • Ensure a strong presence on social media

Link building types

  • A natural link is one given by a webmaster or other website that is reputable and that results from great content created by the webmaster.
  • Linking to a website using a manual outreach strategy – contacting the website owners and bloggers directly in order to get a link.
  • The third type of links comes under negative SEO techniques, where a link appears to be relevant for Google, yet it isn’t.

In SEO, link development needs patience, ingenuity, and, most importantly, a budget. Because not all links are created equal, you must first determine the number of linked pages, domains, subdomains, link types, redirects, and other factors.

1) Creating and Disseminating Content

Create relevant material to keep readers interested and connected ( by writing articles, blog commenting, and guest posting, etc.) Creating and marketing content on the appropriate platforms may increase shares, links, and website traffic. Look for a website that has a lot of material (blog post, web-app, video, etc.)

Find a high-ranking piece of content using chosen keywords. Make a new version and publish it. Connect with the relevant customers and blog administrators to increase your share-worthiness.

2) Create an expert roundup

Link building can be made easy by creating expert roundups, reviews, opinions, and interests in your blog posts.

  • Find experts in your industry
  • and ask them questions by creating content
  • featuring them
  • , then ask them to link or share your blog post

3) Guest posting

Getting backlinks to your website is easiest and most secure when you use guest posting. Get in touch with your audience, ask them to contribute a blog entry for your website, and create some great, engaging content for them.

  • Find guest posting opportunities
  • by posting an author biography and a link to your website on other websites

4) Use broken link building

A broken link occurs when a web page links to a resource that has been removed or when the website has not been updated in a long time. You will also be able to gain links to your website by contacting webmasters and addressing broken links.  Your website’s broken links can be seen with the Ahrefs tool.

  • Links on the web that are broken can be searched
  • . Contact the webmaster and inform him about the problem


You can build quality backlinks to your website in a number of different ways, but these tips are just the beginning. Building and earning quality links takes time. The only way to rank higher on the Google search engine results page is to target relevant keywords.

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